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One whole year of Cosmocreole! And here I am reflecting on the first anniversary since we launched. I have always believed that connecting with moments, stories, and people can inspire us to live a more positive life hence the birth of Cosmocreole. The fact you took time to read and engage with us makes you part of the Cosmocreole community. You, as the readers, are the ultimate reason I put in so many hours of hard work. It's been a challenge; there have been many bumps in the road but not once have the thought of giving up cross my mind. This is your online space, so happy birthday to you too! Whoever and whatever brought you to us; I hope Cosmocreole has been a positive addition to your life. CONTINUE

Jini xx

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Her Story

Patricia Watts

Patricia Watts has given her brother Harry the gift of life- donating one of her kidneys to him after losing both of his to genetic kidney disease. Her selfless act not only saved her brother but herself- she would have never otherwise known that she was the carrier of a 'silent killer', and her own life could have panned out differently. CLICK FOR MORE

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