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Every story about breast cancer awareness reminds us of statistics - Like how one in eight women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. This October, as we observe Breast Cancer Awareness Month, let us shine the spotlight on something positive-hopeful if I dare say. Are you aware that early stage breast cancer is 95% curable today? The message I want to put out there is one of hope. So many of us have lost loved ones to the disease, but we can hope that whatever stats we face today, they will be a thing of the past sooner or later. Whether you know someone with breast cancer or have been diagnosed yourself, remember, you are not alone. CONTINUE

Jini xx

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Vanessa Gendron

Captain Vanessa Gendron’s name will be etched in Seychelles history for having shattered the glass ceiling for Seychellois women dreaming to become commercial helicopter pilots. The 27-year-old captain became the first female Seychellois commercial helicopter pilot when she graduated on 18 July.e carrier of a 'silent killer', and her own life could have panned out differently. CLICK FOR MORE

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